Framing options
Some customers prefer to purchase a print only, and have the print framed by a professional of their own choice. In this case, we strongly recommend you request that only archival quality materials (see below) be used. Inexpensive framing materials contain acid which turns yellow in time, and can ruin the art. Also, inexpensive glass has no UV protection. If you decide to purchase a piece framed by us, you have two options, Traditionally Framed and on hand cut Flagstone, both of which will be Archival quality.
Traditional Framing: We use solid oak frames, acid free matting and foam board, and acid free hinging tape. In this way, the piece can be disassembled at any time if a different framing is desired. We also will dry mount the print if requested. Finally, conservation glass is used to filter harmful UV light and keep the piece looking as it should for
Art on Flagstone : We also offer a non-traditional way to “frame” the art. We start with the right kind of print and capture the inks (only) in an acrylic. This acrylic holding the inks (no paper remains) is then worked by hand into the surface of hand cut Flagstone. Each stone has it’s own unique texture and surface features, so that each piece is unique. In fact, we often use the surface features of the stone to enhance the subject matter and become part of the composition. These pieces can be displayed on an easel  and also mounted to just about any wall (even the larger stones) making them a versatile presentation of the art.