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  About My Art

I have always loved the outdoors, and have always treasured witnessing those fleeting but beautiful moments which occur in nature but are witnessed by few. Several years ago I began the endeavor of capturing moments like these with a camera, and it has been an obsession of mine since. Whether it is the momentary pause of a bird in the soft morning light or dramatic clouds on fire from the setting sun, I love the idea of preserving that little piece of time and space and sharing it through my photography. Like many photographers, I have taken quite a few  very good photos, none of which I will ever frame. As an artist, my philosophy is to only share those which I consider to be "Gallery Shots". Everything must come together and form a piece of art, one that captures the essence of the moment and makes the viewer pause because they are brought into that moment in their own way.

About Me

I am a father of three beautiful children and a college professor. I studied Pure Mathematics at Kent State University where I obtained my Ph.D. in 2001. I have published my research in multiple peer reviewed journals and I still love the teaching of Mathematics. Several years ago I began the endeavor of Nature Photography
and have in this found my “second calling”. Philosophically, I view this pursuit as having two aspects. The first
is the capture of an instance of beauty. I believe that these moments in time and space happen all around us with great frequency, but we miss most of them, or even forget those we do witness as time passes. It is the capture and preservation of these ( which I view as gifts from God) that motivates me, almost to the point of obsession.
I look at the world in a profoundly different way now that I am a photographer. The second aspect is the making of the capture into a piece of art. I shoot in a RAW digital format with neutral settings. This allows me to edit the image so that what was “sensed” by the camera can look more like the real image did to the human eye. This also allows for some more artful presentations . I hope my artwork bring some joy to you!

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